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    Ultimate Seafood Shears

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    Cut & Open Seafood Fast & Easy!

    Grab your new Ultimate Seafood Shears for a one-stop-shop approach to seafood prep so you can quickly get to eating that savory seafood! Whether you’re digging into intricate crab legs, cracking tough lobster shells, or pulling out meat from any kind of shell, these seafood shears will get the job done. When trying to scoop out that tricky meat, these shears can be pulled apart for easier access to the meat hook located on the bottom blade of the shears. These Ultimate Seafood Shears will be your steadfast companion in savoring any kind of seafood that swims your way.


    • The perfect tool to cut through hard shellfish. Ideal for crab legs, lobsters, crawfish, shrimp and scampi.
    • Insert the cutting blade into one extremity and start cutting towards you. For cutting lobster tails, start at the end of the tail and start cutting towards you. Repeat on the other side.
    • Use Integrated grips to remove the small claw. Insert the cutting blade into the opening. Start cutting towards you from the top opening of the claw. Reposition blade cutting across the claw.
    • Use the bottom blade to scoop out the meat from the shell.
    • Grips can also be used to open small bottle lids.
    • Detachable stainless steel blades for easy cleaning.


    • Material: stainless steel, plastic
    • Color: Red
    • Size: 7 inches
    • Weight: 85 g


    • 1 x Ultimate Seafood Shears
    Ultimate Seafood Shears

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