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    Super Elastic Magical Stockings

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    The Most Elastic Stocking You Will Ever Need!

    Do you always replace your stockings due to its low quality? 

    Our Super Elastic Magical Stockings is made from the highest quality material to ensure high elasticity & anti-hook. It's also super thin. You can choose between sleek black and natural skin color. It is completely indestructible, rip-proof, and tear-proof. Worry no more about the nails and chairs ruining your stockings! 

    These stockings will give you a silky and sexy feeling. Say goodbye to the easily torn and ripped stockings. Designed to control top waist contours for a smoother tummy, hip, and back with its optically slimming effect! It is super elastic making sure everyone can wear these magical stockings!


    • COMFORTABLE DESIGN - Silky, stretchy nylon & spandex provide a comfortable fit, like a second skin! These holdup tights retain their shape & won't sag after repeated use.
    • MILD-MODERATE COMPRESSION - Provides mild (8-15mmHg) to moderate (15-20mmHg) compression which helps improve blood flow & prevent the development of varicose veins.
    • 4-WAY STRETCH - This makes it a 4-way stretch fabric that expands both crosswise & lengthwise. You can stretch it to 10x its original size without breaking.


    • Material: Nylon


    • 1 x Super Elastic Magical Stockings
    Super Elastic Magical Stockings

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