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    StainOFF™ All-Purpose Cleaner

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    No more messy stains!

    StainOFF™ Rust Remover Spray effortlessly lifts even old set-in stains on various surfaces with no residues & damage to the targeted area. Perfect for household and professional use.

    The powerful industrial-grade stain-off formula significantly minimizes stubborn dirt attachment with minimal effort.

    No more endless scrubbing and using corrosive agents – simply wipe away with our all-purpose cleaner to reveal sparkling shine!

    • Disinfectant

    • Detergent

    • Greaser

    • Solvent

    • Polisher


    • POWERFUL EFFECT - Instantly removes old set-in stains, dirt & grease with ease.
    • ADVANCED FORMULA – Combine disinfectant, detergent, decrease, and solvent in one product.
    • SHINY FINISH – Add a protective coat with a polished effect.
    • EASY TO USE – Simply apply on the targeted area and wipe with a clean cloth.
    • DAMAGE FREE – No-bleach formula to protect the surface.
    • NO RESIDUE – Leave no marks or residue for a spotless finish.
    • WIDE APPLICATIONS – Safe to use on tiles, glass, fabric, plastic, leather, and more.


    • Size: 100g

    Package Includes:

    • 1pc x StainOFF™ All-Purpose Cleaner
    StainOFF™ All-Purpose Cleaner

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