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    Snake Venom Eye Cream

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    Reduce Eye Puffiness Instantly!

    With the stress of life, staying up late, radiation from electronic screens. Eye skin problems occur frequently and need careful care. All you need is a bottle of snake venom eye cream to effectively improve your dark circles or puffy eyes question.



    • IDEAL EYE NURSING FACTOR: It promotes skin metabolism and maintains collagen. With three kinds of hyaluronic acid molecules, it can moisturize, smooth, and nourish the skin.

    • PRECIOUS SYN-AKE VENOM: Syn-ake is a group of species that simulates the phenomenon of snake venom invading human skin nerves, causing the skin to produce a contraction, making the loose skin firmer and more elastic.

    • PENETRATES UNDER THE MUSCLE: In contrast to traditional creams that can only work on the surface of the skin, snake venom eye creams can penetrate the bottom of the muscle, energize the cells internally, and tighten the collagen structure externally.


    • Net Weight: 30g

    Package Include:

    • 1 x Snake Venom Eye Cream
    Snake Venom Eye Cream

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