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    Reusable Tile Leveling System (50 Pcs/Pack)

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    Easiest Way To Lay Perfectly Levelled Tiles!

    Do you want to lay tiles like a professional and get that flawless finish? This Reusable Tile Leveling System will help you improve the flatness of ceramic tiles and create uniform gaps between tiles!

    The Reusable Tile Leveling System uses an innovative reusable cap and post system that provides a quick, labor-saving solution to reduce tile lippage. With large format tile becoming more and more common, tile leveling systems have become a necessity in many commercial and residential wall and floor installations. It will help you avoid any lippage or uneven gaps when setting your tiles. The system is very easy to use and makes laying tiles a breeze.


    • Great tools for floor/wall setting - The system ensures flatness between tiles avoiding inequalities. The Tile Leveling System is reusable and easy enough to fix with a special wrench.
    • Perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts - It helps to increase the efficiency of laying tiles and obtain a perfect lippage-free finish.
    • Applicable size - Suitable for tile thickness from 3mm to 25mm and tile gap of ≥2mm.


    • Keep the space of each tile between 2mm and 6mm while laying tiles.
    • Insert the T-shaped needle along the gap in the tile and rotate it for 180° so that it is stuck at the bottom of the two tiles.
    • Moving the T-shaped needle back and forth before tightening up is highly suggested so that the tile leveling system can be more easily taken out.
    • Twist the adjusting cover with your hand/special wrench until the two tiles are on the same level.
    • Before cement or tile glue has completely dried up (usually about 5 hours later), twist the adjusting cover in the opposite direction, then rotate the T shaped -needle for another 180° and take it out before cement or tile glue has completely dried up.


    • Material: PP
    • Gross Weight: 700g
    • Net Weight: 650g


    • 1 x 50 pcs Reusable Tile Leveling System
    Reusable Tile Leveling System (50 Pcs/Pack)

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