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    Pipe Inner Cleaning Brush

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    Remove Dust And Lint Easily!

    Our dryer vent cleaning kits extremely durable, flexible and will bend with ease. Easy to connect and retract. Can withstand more than 90 degrees of curved pipeline, use or do not use electric drill to rotate with homeopathic needle, quickly & easily clean the dryer vents from inside or outside of your house.


    • EXTENDABLE:¬†Includes¬†6 durable rods that extend up to 12 feet.¬†Clean¬†difficult reached surfaces¬†and areas¬†of your vent that normal cleaning materials can't reach.

    • TWIST-DETACHED¬†FEATURE:¬†Easy to use, just twist and turn the end of the nylon rod to attach to each other if you wish to extend the length. This dryer vent cleaning kit¬†delivers superior results¬†and will help you¬†prevent costly repairs.

    • DRILL-POWERED FOR MAXIMUM LINT REMOVAL:¬†Attaches to a drill to remove lint with ease.¬†It will help you to clean lint and dust with more angles and less effort.¬†Get professional results at the fraction of the price of calling a service professional.

    • REDUCES DRYING TIME:¬†Air can¬†flow freely and dry your clothes faster after the vent and pipes are effectively cleaned.¬†No more damp clothes.¬†Dry your clothes¬†faster using¬†normal drying cycles.

    • DON‚ÄôT RISK A DRYER FIRE:¬†Failure to clean your dryer's ducts is the leading¬†cause of clothes dryer fires¬†and even major damage to property.¬†Prevent this incident¬†by making sure our dryer vents are clean.

    • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE:¬†High quality reinforced nylon rods¬†allow for up to 90-degree turns. This¬†durable dryer duct cleaning kit¬†will not scratch the inner surface of the dryer vent to deliver quality results.


    Material: Plastic, Nylon
    Product Dimensions: Rod 15.7 inch, Brush 3.9 inch 
    Weight: 450 g

    Package Include:

    • 1 x Brush
    • 6 x Rods
    • 1 x Drill Adapter

    Pipe Inner Cleaning Brush

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