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    Perfect Teeth Whitening Pen

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     Whiten Teeth At Home And Save Money On Expensive Dental Visits!

    Factors like smoking and drinking tea or coffee, eating tomato dishes and chocolate, and more can leave a stain on your teeth. Over time, these will accumulate and will turn your teeth yellow.

    The Perfect Teeth Whitening Pen whitens your teeth immediately and effectively just by using it once per day. It uses natural teeth whitening ingredients to attack stubborn teeth stains and eliminates them permanently.


    • EASY APPLICATION - Whitens and removes stain on your teeth. This is done through direct application, no fussy trays or strips.
    • COMPACT and PORTABLE- It is easy to store and carry.
    • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - It has a discreet steel design, made to slip right into your pocket.
    • EFFECTIVE - It uses professional strength to deliver instant results.
    • SAFE - It uses oxygen and peroxide technology that has no side effects, no gum irritation, or does not cause excessive salivation.

      HOW TO USE:

      • Clean and dry your teeth. 
      • Open the cover. Twist another end of the pen. 
      • Brush the gel onto your teeth. 
      • Do not touch your teeth within 30 seconds to 1 minute. 
      • Clean your mouth after 30 minutes. 



      • 1 x White Teeth Whitening Pen 
      Perfect Teeth Whitening Pen

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