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NoBarkBuddy™ Anti-Barking Gadget for Dogs

NoBarkBuddy™ Anti-Barking Gadget for Dogs

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Stops Excessive Barking &  Trains Your Dog To Be Obedient!

The  NoBarkBuddy™ Anti-Barking Gadget for Dogs trains dogs to stop nuisance barking (boredom and attention-getting barking) but is designed to have no effect on instinctual or protective barking! Whether it's your dog or the neighbor's dog, the Anti Barking Training Gadget will help you regain the peace and quiet that's been disrupted by nuisance barking.

The Anti Barking Training Gadget handheld training aid emits a powerful (yet harmless) ultrasonic sound, teaching your dog to associate the unpleasant sound with disobeying commands to stop barking.

It’s also effective at deterring other destructive behaviors like chewing on furniture and jumping on guests. You control the handheld remote so can incorporate it as a tool into your training routine. It works remotely up to a whopping 50 feet away.

Our humane training technique uses an age-old principle that teaches dogs to associate their barking with irritating frequencies. Unlike shock collars that are painful and can be used only on one dog, the  Anti Barking Training Gadget can be used virtually anywhere without you having to ask permission from your neighbors.


  • 100% NO-SHOCK: Unlike other solutions that shock our beloved furry friends, we absolutely avoided that and made it very humane.

  • PROTECTS YOU FROM WILD DOGS: It's the canine nature of dogs to really bite if we are a threat to their territory especially those who are not used to humans. Our Ultrasonic Harmless Anti-Barking Device drives away wild dogs and works even as far as 15 ft. away!

  • CORRECTS UNWANTED BARKING: It works by producing a high-pitch sound that only dogs can hear. The sound distracts your dog - stopping them from barking whether at home or on the go.

  • PERFECT DEVICE FOR TRAINING YOUR DOGS - Some dog trainers report using our device to replace shock collars for training. It has been twice as effective as using the harmful dog collar.

  • PORTABLE & EASY TO USE Lightweight and portable handheld device. Great for at home or on the go. Adjustable wrist strap included.

  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: All of our pet products are carefully developed and tested with professional trainers to ensure safe and effective results. We have also tested it with most dog breeds and we are astounded by its success.


  • TO STOP/CALM BARKING DOGS: Shift the gear to the dog repelling mode then press the beam button for 2 to 3 seconds.

  • TO TRAIN DOGS: Give a verbal command. Shift the gear to dog training mode then press the beam button for 2 to 3 seconds.

  • TO USE THE FLASHLIGHT: Shift the gear to lighting mode then keep pressing the beam button until it lights.


  • Color: Black, Blue, Yellow
  • Weight:  64g
  • Size: 13 x 4 x 2.6cm


  • 1 x NoBarkBuddy™ Anti-Barking Gadget for Dogs
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