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    Electric Flea & Tick Comb For Cats Dogs

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    Easily Kill Fleas & Ticks With This Toxin-Free Flea Comb!

    Do you want the easiest way to protect your pet from fleas? This Electric Flea & Tick Comb For Cats Dogs uses patented ultrasonic technology that is guaranteed to kill ticks and fleas on contact! It digs deeply into your pet's fur and removes pesky fleas and ticks that are burrowed down at the skin level. The process is safe and painless, ensuring that your fur baby never feels a thing!

    Simply brush through your pet's fur with the comb and a slight electric charge is released that kills fleas immediately. The comb gathers the dead fleas so you won't have any messes to clean up afterward. Simply press the eject button and you can discard them into the trash can. Keep your beloved pet healthy and clean with the Electric Flea & Tick Comb! 


    • 100% Safe For Pets & Humans - Safe for puppies, dogs, kittens, cats, and elderly animals. Zero chemicals and toxins involved. Safe for use around children.

    • Super Easy To Use - Lightweight, compact design fits nicely in your hand while you use it. 

    • Instantly Detects & Kills Fleas - Gentle on your pet, harsh on fleas. A harmless electrical charge quickly and effectively detects and zaps fleas.


    • Size: 240 x 170 x 30mm 

    • Material: Premium PP

    • Battery: 2 x AA batteries (not Included)


    • 1 x Electric Flea & Tick Comb For Cats Dogs

    Electric Flea & Tick Comb For Cats Dogs

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