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    Wood Seasoning Beewax

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    Keep Your Wood Furniture Looking New!

    Give your wooden furniture a conditioning treatment to revive it with this amazing Wood Seasoning Beeswax! This is an easy-to-apply remedy that will keep your wooden tools in top condition to help them last for many years. This Wood Seasoning Beeswax can revive, protect, and preserve the finish of wooden surfaces. Just a small amount goes a long way towards protecting your wood from the harmful effects of moisture and prevents it from drying out. 


    • NATURAL SHINE: This will give your wooden products an elegant shine and a smooth finish, keeping them in their prime for years to come.
    • SEALS IN MOISTURE: The revitalizing blend prevents drying and cracking of wooden surfaces as it repairs, rehydrates and restores.
    • PROTECTS WOOD: Creates a protective seal to keep out any odor, stain, moisture, and anything else that causes damage to your wood.
    • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Naturally non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. 
    • STAIN PREVENTION: Helps prevent stains, covers up knife scarring in cutting boards, and makes cleaning easier.
    • VERSATILE: The wax can also be used to clean and polish wooden floors.
    • SAFETY GUARANTEED: Safe to use in the kitchen, on baby cribs, and kids' wooden toys.
    • ENDLESS APPLICATION: This can be effectively used on fine furniture, kitchen cabinets, wood accents and accessories, wood paneling, wooden toys, and more.


    • You only need to apply a small amount with a clean, dry cloth.
    • If your wood is dry and undernourished, allow the wax to sit and penetrate for a few minutes.
    • Buff any excess from the surface thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth.


    • Ingredients: Natural beeswax
    • Weight: 85g


    • 1 x Wood Seasoning Beewax

    Wood Seasoning Beewax

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